Hello, my name is

Daniel Durante

Programmer & Consultant

About Me

When I'm not programming, you can catch me on my motorcycle (maybe), at a pitch playing rugby, in the octagon or traveling around the world looking for the perfect coffee bean.

Personal Information



from 2008 to 2009

Hellbored, Ltd Pty.


Developed for a game called HoboWars.com, a browser based role-playing game with over 200,000 members and growing. Optimized PHP scripts, implemented SQL injection patches and small customer service within the community.

from 2009

Emporium, LLC

Web Intern

Helped build a YouTube-clone website with premium member access. Used PHPUnit as a testing framework, jQuery for transitions and AJAX, and Smarty PHP template engine to centralize the layout aspects of the website. This was a 2 month internship only.

from 2010 to 2011

NKPS Media

Senior Developer

Developed a server-side daemon in Ruby using asynchronous methods to encode videos into a specific format (MP4) with FFMpeg. Modified Boonex Dolphin extensively as well as CometChat. Optimized the entire website using Redis, and developed an iPhone, and Android, application using PhoneGap.

from 2011 to present day

Fracutre, Inc.

Lead Developer

Building internal software for fulfillment management, CNC nesting, and basic accounting. Creating services, and APIs, for product purchasing through Authorize.net and PayPal, package rates with FedEx, USPS, and UPS, and image manipulation. Converted several services from PHP & jQuery to Node.JS & AngularJS.

from 2013 to present day


Lead Developer & Project Manager

Contracted work for project managing teams of 5 - 8 programmers, consulting on SequelizeJS, and lead development on several projects.

from 2013 to present day


Core Contributor

Sequelize is an open source ORM for the nodejs platform. It provides easy access to MySQL, PostgreSQL and sqlite databases, and supports associations between models, validations and much more.

What I Do

I offer consulting on system architecture and programming following the agile manifesto & lean principles, and an attitude that derives from the army's values.

Deploy in the Cloud

AWS, Heroku, or any other proc file based service

Security Consulting

SQL Injections, XSS, CSRF, Cross Origins, SSL

Systems Architecture

Consultation on how to build your project properly

Rapid Prototyping

Build a minimal viable product in 30 - 90 days

Device Development

Develop from bar code scanners to mobile devices

Project Management

Manage your project's workflow from a business and development perspective


Frontend Development
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript SVG WebRTC oAuth
Backend Development
PHP 4+ Node.JS 0.6+ Ruby 1.8+ Python 2.7+
Frameworks & Libraries
jQuery 1.2+ AngularJS 0.9+ Backbone 1.0+ Ruby on Rails 2+ ExpressJS 2+ DataMapper SequelizeJS Django 1.1+ CakePHP 1.2+ CodeIgniter 1.7+ Ruby on Rails 2+ Sinatra 1.2+ Magento 1.5+ PhoneGap 0.9.4+
Databases & Storage
MySQL 4+ Postgres 9.1+ MongoDB 2+ CouchDB 1.2+ ArangoDB 1.4+ Redis 1.2+ Riak Memcached
Server Administration
Linux Unix Mac OSX Nginx Cherokee Apache 2+
Deployment & CI
AWS Heroku Travis-CI Shippable Integrity CI
3rd Party Integrations
Authorize.net PayPal (SDK & REST) Stamps.com FedEx UPS Bronto Segment.IO KISSmetrics New Relic Mixpanel Facebook Connect Twitter Dropbox Mandrill Mailchimp Google Analytics Google Universal Analytics
Boonex Dolphin 6 WordPress 2+ Drupal 6+ Joomla 2