Hello I'm

Daniel Durante

About Me

I am an author & technical editor for Pakt publishing, consultant & strategist for Fortune 100 companies, and a full stack (+ heap) developer from the age of 12. My code exists in infrastructures such as Hubcash, Stripe, and Walmart. If you need a project to go from zero to one let's talk.

  • golang
  • rust
  • nodejs
  • typescript
  • postgres & dba
  • terraform
  • saltstack
  • html
  • css
  • javascript
  • react
  • wordpress
  • authorize.net
  • paypal
  • stripe
Downlaod CV

What I do

Security Consulting

SQL Injections, XSS, CSRF, Cross Origins, SSL man-in-the-middle attacks, and pentesting.

App Development

Consultation on how to build your project properly. From UI sketches to a minimal viable product in 30 - 90 days

Embeded Development

Develop from bar code scanners to mobile devices with PICs, ARMs, or any x86 chipset

Work Experience

Principal Software Engineer FRST

Responsibility :
  • Maintained an infrastructure (go + rust) for processing real time market data from over 10 exchanges including 900+ markets with a 99.9% SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Processed on chain data (UXTO) and using 3rd party vendors to act as verification/SoTs (Source of Truths)
  • Performed DevOps tasks (with Terraform + Saltstack) under AWS. Maintained logs, servers, and billing requirements.
  • Mentored and proctored students for an MBA/Engineering program

Lead Developer (Contractor) Bmbsqd

Responsibility :
  • Converted and troubleshooted AccessDB data to MSSQL which was later converted to ElasticSearch data
  • Integrated EasyPost, Mandrill, MailChimp, iTunesConnect, and APN (Access Point Names) for a mobile nail boutique application
  • Created, and maintained, a packaging and fulfillment label program

Developer (Contractor) TrendyButler

Responsibility :
  • Created a synchronize system (NodeJS) for several 3rd party integrations related to invoicing, billing, and shipping along with a custom PO inventory system
  • Integrated LiteView fulfilling services and TradeGecko’s inventory management software
  • Consulted on UX/UI decisions along with metric tracking integration workflows

Web Developer Mobiquity

Responsibility :
  • Developed an e-commerce website for health clinics (HIPAA compliant) using Magento (v1) as the framework. Patched and modified Magento’s REST API modules for a single page application written with AngularJS
  • Used SASS, Browserify, Gulp, AngularJS, and Karma for building a frontend portal for a life insurance company
  • Built a proxy server with NodeJS for communicating with an external API

Lead Developer Fracture

Responsibility :
  • Built internal software for fulfillment management, CNC machinery, and basic accounting for the board of directors
  • Created APIs for Authorize.net and PayPal, package rates with FedEx/USPS/UPS, and image manipulation (color profile management, filters, etc.)
  • Converted several services from PHP & jQuery to Node.JS & AngularJS